About Qtolk

Qtolk is a social network/media developed and based in Nigeria. Qtolk is developed by QTOLK TECHNOLOGIES LTD.,a company with numbers of developers constituting of 100% Nigerians. An African leading destination social media that gives consideration to core values.Unlike traditional social networking, Qtolk has combined "community" contents and social networking technology in its media that makes it extremely attractive to everyone.

The Qtolk! Social media, attracts users from all walks of life, while the vast majority of its members are young adults. However, people have always been looking for better ways to clinch and network with each other in this age of digitization, Qtolk has provided ways to be socially active on the internet! Such that people can share their own collections, different ideas and learn from the experiences of other members for better collaboration possibilities.

Qtolk is unique in the sense that it enables individual with different senses of Circle discussions within the members of a certain company or business. It transformed from a personal space to where users can keep 'common things', post photos, watch videos and be rewarded on activity points. As set by priority, Our objective is to create platform for people to clinch,showcase products and services by creating simple and convenient communication tools.

Qtolk is a community-based social network that offers an online social activities to target Adults and teens through Location, fashion tips, advice and chat. It also allows young adults to let everyone knows about the skills and interests. Our headquarters is in Nigeria with many correspondents across the continents.